Unser Onboardingprozess in der Wäscherei
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Your journey with us begins with a simple application. Just answer the selection questions we have set for you and send us your current resume. After we have reviewed your documents, you will be contacted by us within the next few days and invited to a suitable appointment. Keep an eye on your mailbox after this conversation, as we will send you a detailed invitation email with all relevant information.


The job interview is our opportunity to get to know you better. The interviews are conducted by our executives, sometimes accompanied by someone from our HR department. The first interview is designed to clarify all the framework conditions and to find out if the position is right for you. Depending on the position and department, there is sometimes a second appointment where you can take a look at your workplace, meet your new team, and get a taste of your future activities.


After your successful job interview, we do everything to make your start with us as smooth as possible. We review and archive your documents and prepare everything for your start date. This process usually takes 2-3 days. Afterward, you will be invited back to sign your employment contract and receive your personal employee card. After this step, nothing stands in the way of your start date!


Finally, the time has come: Your first day at Textilservice Brolli! You start your first week with an extensive orientation, which varies depending on the department and position. Now that you are officially part of our team, we look forward to many shared and successful years. Welcome to Team Brolli, let's start the day with a clean slate!

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